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Freelance Social Media Specialist in Liverpool

My name is Matthew McElhinney and I am a freelance social media specialist in Liverpool

Social media has become extremely important over the last few years in marketing your business. Not only you can build up a large client base and generate a lot of traffic to your website, you can also increase the amount of social signals that your website receives; these are an important ranking factor for your SEO rankings.

Freelance seo in Liverpool
Freelance Social Media Specialist in Liverpool

I specialise in all aspects of social media, from creating social media profiles to building up a client base and promoting your company to that client base, I can increase the marketing power of your online profile so that you can spend your time on what you do best: running your business.

I have experience in the following social media profiles:

Benefits of Social media

Increased brand recognition - Got a company or product to promote? Social media can be one of the most powerful ways to get your brand shown to 1000's of people each week.

Improved brand loyalty - Once you have built up a client base on social media keep in communication with them by replying to their comments; building up trust between yourself and your followers and next time they need a service related to your business then they will think of you.

Increased traffic - Got an existing website? Social media is the service for you. You can get instant traffic to your website via your followers on your social media account.

Decreased Marketing Costs - I know for a fact that a lot of people pay for PPC advertising which can be extremely costly in the long run, especially if done incorrectly. If you build up a following on your social media they are future possible leads at no cost to yourself.

Better Search Engine Rankings - Social signals are an important ranking factor for your Google listing. More shares + more followers = the potential increase in your ranking in Google.

If you would like a social media profile creating and/or promoting and any online marketing services then feel free to get in touch today on Mobile: 07535053422 / Email: [email protected]