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My name is Matthew McElhinney, and I am freelance internet marketer in Liverpool specialising in all internet marketing services.

Internet marketing is the be all and end all of any business who would like to have success online, whether this is from search engine optimisation or pay per click advertising.

Below is a list of internet marketing services that I can provide:

If you require any service listed above then don't hesitate to get in touch today!

Freelance internet marketer in Liverpool
Freelance internet marketer in Liverpool

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you pay a commission on each lead or sale that you receive from an outside source e.g. blogger, online retailer or salesman.

Display Advertising

Find a blog or website that is in the same niche as you and paying them to display a banner or advert on their blog to receive traffic/sales.

Email Marketing

Two ways to do this is to contact potential clients via email or to build up an email list and to sell to that list.

Inbound Marketing

Sharing or giving away free content, e.g. via a blog or ebook with the idea of bringing in customers.

Pay per click Advertising

Many companies including Google Adwords and Facebook have the option to pay per visitor.

Search Engine Optimisation

Increasing your online presence to rank higher up in the Search Engines please see Home page for more information.

Social Media Marketing

Increasing your followers on your social media to increase visitors / sales please see Social Media Page for more information.

If you would like any internet marketing service in Liverpool or the UK, get in touch today on Mobile: 07535053422 / Email: [email protected]